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There was a time when I was completely miserable and totally stressed. It started when I was thirteen and lasted for about three decades. The unhappiness infected my marriage, my parenting, my whole life.

One day, my (now) former-wife gave me a book by Wayne Dyer, in which he said that we can change our lives by how we think. I had been walking around thinking that everybody else should change, not me!

Because of reading Dr. Dyer’s words, I realized that how I was thinking about everyone and everything from my dead mother, to my wife, my job, even the traffic, left me disempowered, disconnected, and depressed. So, I decided to find a way to empower myself without hurting others.

As a result of that choice, I began learning about mindfulness practices, meditation, inner archetypes and their roles in our thought habits and beliefs, and interpersonal communication skills. I kept on learning and today, I no longer take anti-depressants, my former-wife is one of my best friends and biggest fans, my relationships with family and friends are the best they’ve ever been and I am happier than ever before.

Now, I share strategies with folks like you to help them transform their relationships and live happier lives.

Why not take advantage of the lessons I have learned? Let me help you make the changes you want so that you too can have the relationships, the work/career, the life you dream about.


  • waking up each day with energy for your life and clarity about where you are headed,
  • approaching a disagreement with your life-partner in a way that actually brings you closer together and deepens your intimacy,
  • having purpose and enthusiasm in your work again because you have rediscovered your mission,
  • and so much more!

Right now, you can set up a free coaching discovery call with me. My commitment is that you will take away at least one usable idea to help you start creating the life you want.

Let’s spend an hour together to see where you want to take your life and how I can help you get there. Click the button below to schedule your free call.