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People hire me as their personal transformation coach for a variety of reasons.

Some clients are living mostly productive lives. They decide to work with me because they want:


to deepen their understanding of themselves in order to find more meaning or purpose—sometimes this leads to career changes, new “life projects”, early retirements, etc.


to become an “even better” parent, partner, employer, etc.


to improve their productivity in their work roles.

Other clients come to coaching seeking help with challenges or stress in their lives such as:

  • Loss of a job, relationship, or health

  • Difficult mind states such as anger, fear, self-criticism and so on,

  • Knowing their life’s purpose and how to set and achieve tangible goals out of their newly-discovered sense of purpose

  • Needing a change of direction in their life but not knowing how to get started

  • Needing help with developing communication skills so that they can express themselves with confidence.

You are a unique being with your own experiences, beliefs, and longing. I will respect you as the wonderful being you already are.  We will collaborate to create a coaching strategy tailored to your desires and goals.

Book a free, 45-minute Coaching Discovery call to begin your next transformation.



Clients who go through Empathy Advantage transformational coaching report results like:

  • Being able to listen to others with compassion

  • Resolving long-term conflicts at home, on the job, and elsewhere

  • Having greater clarity about what they want in life

  • Closer, more satisfying relationships with their partners, extended family, and friends

  • Healing damaged/broken relationships

  • Consistently enjoying a sense of peace and joy

  • Moving through their days with a mindful awareness that make their lives deeply satisfying.

What They’re Saying

Doyle Banks knows anger. I cannot recommend him highly enough as a teacher and coach – both generally and specifically on the topic of anger. Doyle dives deep into what anger is and what it is not. He taught me that anger is not bad in and of itself. On the contrary, being aware that I am feeling anger tells me there are one or more needs I have that are not being met. The big questions are: what do I do with that information, and how do I do it if I am already triggered and my brain is already on fire. This is where Doyle’s teaching and home-practice became transformative . No longer does my anger take over my behavior. It no longer takes over my brain. It may be screaming at me, but it is no longer in charge. Thanks to Doyle, I now have a quiver full of insights and practices that help me pause between a triggering stimulus and my response – to pause long enough to realize that my inner child was about to respond with a counterproductive ‘child’ sort of behavior or strategy, but also time and presence enough to formulate an ‘adult’ sort of plan to look at the unmet needs and approach the situation and other people involved in a constructive and indeed connecting way. My relationships (including with myself) have, quite literally, been transformed by learning what Doyle has taught me and practicing what he has taught me to do.

CR (Virginia) - Coaching client

I've really enjoyed your reflective and considered approach to this material, and your obvious passion for communicating it to all of us. It has been a most informative and inspiring journey so far.

SuzanneWashington, USA

Doyle found the sweet spot and presents it in this course. He takes threads from mindfulness, non-violent communication and our best current understanding of how the mind and body work together. He weaves these threads into a tapestry that's loaded with ideas we can use to enrich our lives--each day, each moment. Invest a little time, get a little benefit. Invest a lot of time, get a lot of benefit. The door is open, the opportunity is waiting.
The next step is up to you.

DavePortland, OR, USA

Doyle remained present throughout the training. These are really helpful tools to offer empathy as well as emotional literacy--super helpful for identifying emotions and needs. Doyle was able to demonstrate the skills over and over--facilitation was skillful and intentional.

ElwoodPortland, OR, USA

The training was extremely helpful for me to recognize more effective ways to communicate both with my clients and peers, offering me communication tools that I had previously been unaware of. I was satisfied in the way Doyle presented the material. He was both mindful and present when teaching.


How Does Empathy Advantage Transformational Coaching Work?


Schedule Your Call

Book your free, 45-minute Coaching Discovery call/video-chat. We will talk about your unique challenges, goals, and desired outcomes.

Co-Create Strategy

In that call/video meeting, we will co-create one doable strategy and action to get you started on your transformation right away, regardless of whether or not you decide to work with me.

Develop Your Program

We will then discuss a plan tailored for you that includes my recommendations of tools and strategies for your program.

Choose Your Plan

You can then choose one of the plan options and we will schedule your first Empathy Advantage Transformational coaching session.

Journey to Transformation

You and I take the journey of transformation together and you become the version of yourself that you desire!

Book a free, 45-minute Coaching Discovery call to begin your next transformation.




  • You are a unique, wonder-full human being. I meet you in your uniqueness, right where you are, without judgments, assumptions, or a “canned” program to put you through.

  • I bring to you thirteen+ years and nearly 1,000 hours of classroom and experiential training in Nonviolent Communication (NVC); two year of training and a certification in Archetype Analysis from the Caroline Myss Education program (CMED); twenty-five+ years of meditation practice; leadership training; empathic coaching training; forty+ years of parenting experience and over sixty-five years of life experience.

  • EMPATHY: I listen with compassion and wisdom to your feelings (the good, the bad, and the ugly) and to the desires/longings/needs of your heart. I check in regularly to make sure I hear you and your truth with accuracy.

  • COMPASSIONATE INQUIRY: I guide you into and through transformations using mindfulness, NVC, NLP processes (neuro-linguistic programming), Archetype Analysis processes, inquiry using “The Work” of Byron Katie, meditation, and neuroscience.


    • You have your own, unique Model of the world. I will honor and respect you and your model, even though it is mostly likely different than mine.

    • We all respond to our own models of the world, not to reality. We experience life as we are, not as Life is.

    • All of out thoughts, words, and actions are attempts to meet our need and fulfill the longings of our hearts.

    • We are doing the best we can in each moment with the the resources we are able to access.

    • We are not lacking resources, but we sometimes act from states of perceived lack.

    • There is no failure, only feedback.

    • What we think, say, and do has results.

    • What we think, say, or do can expand and increase our ability to choose more empowerment, healing, and well-being.

Distinctions between COACHING and PSYCHOTHERAPY

Know the difference between Coaching and Psychotherapy so you can choose the correct modality for your needs.


Your present-moment experience, goals and the skills to reach them are the primary focus.


Psychotherapy provides you with processes for understanding the current impact of various aspects of your past.


Coaching provides you with specific action plans for how to create your transformations. You then try out the plans in between sessions to discover the ones that result in success for you.


Reflection and processing your life are key in understanding why you think and behave as you do.


Coaching may bring up emotions and offer strategies to work with them. However, diagnosis and/or treatment of emotional/mental disorders is not the goal.


Psychotherapy focuses on the diagnosis and treatment of emotional/mental disorders.

Important Note: I am not a psychotherapist, psychoanalyst, psychologist, psychiatrist, Licensed Clinical Social Worker or medical doctor. I do not offer or practice therapy. If, in the course of our coaching work, I come to the opinion that you may need the help of psychotherapy, I will discuss that with you in an honest and open manner. I am not affiliated with any practicing therapists and do not make referrals to specific therapists. It is your responsibility to find and work with the professional of your choice.