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Listen Better and Love Better
Life Partners

“Listen Better and Love Better for Life Partners” is a free, pre-recorded webinar brought to you by me, Doyle Banks.

Would you like to grow within your (committed) relationship and experience it in deeper, fresher ways, but…

  • you’re tired of “quick fixes”, schemes, and scams?
  • you don’t want to be told “you’re doing it all wrong”?

In this mini-webinar, let’s explore possibilities like:

  • how you might listen to yourself in a new way, then communicate what you want in your relationship with greater clarity, and have a better chance of getting it,
  • how you could listen to your partner and talk with them in a way that can draw them closer and help them also get more of what they want in the relationship,
  • plus, how the two of you could have more fun, laugh more, enjoy deeper intimacy, and create more ease in handling conflicts.

Whether your relationship is a “hot mess” or you are “blissfully happy”, I want to share this with you because I love helping couples create healthy relationships. I can’t guarantee this will fix everything (or anything) for you and your partner. But, I can tell you that it has helped a lot of folks.

It’s free. It takes less than 20 minutes. Why not give it try?

Fill in the form to get instant access to the, 
”Listen Better and Love Better, for Life Partners” webinar.

I am Doyle Banks.

Personal and professional transformation training and coaching is what I do.

Helping people develop mindfulness and interpersonal communication skills so that they can transform their lives and become the best version of themselves is why I do it.