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Know Yourself Better, Like Yourself More: 3 Great Tips on Self-Awareness


Many of us are convinced that we know ourselves quite well and are well-developed in terms of self-acceptance. Author, Mark Manson, challenges that notion in his article “The Three Layers of Self-Awareness.”

In this week’s video, I share my take-aways from Mark’s superb article and I offer a couple of my own ideas about how we can actually deepen awareness of ourselves, with the result of liking, i.e. accepting, ourselves more.

We will look at the three great tips Mr. Manson presents on how to increase self-awareness. He suggests that ask ourselves these three questions (each question represents a deeper layer of self-knowledge):

  • What the hell are you doing?
  • What the hell are you feeling?
  • What the hell are your blind spots?

Then, Mark recommends three strategies to go along with the self-inquiry questions:

  • Develop a mindfulness practice
  • Keep a journal for processing the questions, and
  • Get feedback about ourselves from someone we trust.

I add the suggestion to learn Compassionate Communication, or a similar interpersonal communication method. This will help you become more skilled at expressing yourself consciously, as well as help you become a better listener who can empathize with others in ways that create more meaningful and rewarding connections.

Want to read Mark’s article for yourself? You can find it by clicking here.

Are you ready to deepen your

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